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SJ Urinary Tract Health Forte

SJ Urinary Tract Health Forte

A Unique Pumpkin and Cranberry Formula for Urinary Ecology and Support

SJ Urinary Tract Health Forte (Sejong Yorochungbogam Forte) Blends Fruit Extracts With a Probiotic Blend


Our KFDA certified urinary tract health supplement, SJ Urinary Tract Health Forte, unites the benefits of pumpkin and cranberry extract with a bonus probiotic blend for urinary health.


  • Support urinary tract, bladder, and prostate health with a strategic blend of cranberry, pumpkin, and probiotics.*
  • Restores digestive and intestinal health by encouraging a healthy microbial balance.*
  • Approved by KFDA (Korea Food and Drug Administration) as a  supplement
  • 1 box contains 120 capsules, good for 2 months.

Made with love. 


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 


  • Pumpkin : This famous orange winter squash improves bladder, urinary, and prostate health. 

    Cranberry : These small plump red berries are jam-packed with well-known benefits for urinary tract health. 

    Probiotics : Good bacteria can act as a restorative to damaged gut flora.

    Collagen : This structural protein found in the body’s extracellular matrix provides a variety of health benefits. 

    Pomegranate : Bursting with nutrients, the juicy seeds of this fruit offer up antioxidants with anti-inflammatory abilities.

    Theanine : An amino acid derived from tea or mushrooms that can have a beneficial impact on mental function.

    B-12 : A powerful nutrient that is necessary for the continued functioning of nerve and blood cells in the body.