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How These 12 Unique Ingredients Can Destroy Your Challenging Joint Pain

Joint pain can be debilitating. Whether it causes aches in your knees or leaves your wrist throbbing, tricky joints are a problem that many people suffer from daily. It can seem impossible to wade through the endless information on the internet to determine what is the best natural remedy to ease your discomfort.

But there’s no need to worry anymore. We’ve put together this list of 12 unique ingredients that are used around the world to heal joint pain:

12 Ingredients That Help You Wave Goodbye to Joint Pain

1. Methyl Sulfonyl Methane

Don’t let the complicated name scare you. Methyl sulfonyl methane (MSM) is an “organosulfur compound,” which simply means that it is a molecule containing organic elements like oxygen, sulfur, and carbon. It turns out MSM is also the key to reducing inflammation and joint pain through its anti-inflammatory properties.

2. White Willow Bark

White willow bark, sourced from willow trees, is often referred to as “nature’s aspirin.” This is because it contains the pain fighting agent ‘salicin.’ You’ll find these unassuming willow trees growing in locations such as Northern Asia, where it has long been used medicinally. It actually inspired the creation of the chemical that forms aspirin.

3. Eucommia Bark

Though the eucommia tree has lush green leaves, it is the bark that contains all of the potency. Bone and muscle strengthening is a common use for this popular Korean extract.

4. Chaff Flower

The chaff flower is actually classified as an herb. You may not be familiar with it, but it’s commonly used in traditional Korean healing.

5. Litsea Japonica

Even if you haven’t heard of litsea japonica, you’re likely intimately familiar with its cousin the bay laurel (where bay leaves come from). The fruit of the litsea japonica tree acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

6. Green-lipped Mussel

Did you know green-lipped mussels are native to New Zealand? They have a distinctive appearance compared to other types of mussels. They have a dark brown shell with the notable green lip around their opening. Besides an interesting appearance, green-lipped mussels have joint health potency when taken as a supplement.

7. Angelica Root

Also called “wild celery,” angelica root is a sweet-scented edible plant that can ease joint discomfort and many other maladies. This root contains the aromatic compounds ‘terpenes,’ that provide herbal flavor.

8. Scutellaria Baicalensis Root

Scutellaria baicalensis is also known as Chinese skullcap. The name sounds a bit scary, but scutellaria baicalensis actually grows as a delicate burst of purple flowers. Beat back inflammation with this medicinal herb found in many Asian countries.

9. Siberian Ginseng

This is a unique type of ginseng that grows wild in coniferous mountain forests. It is also an adaptogen that gives your body the vitality to combat the stress and strain of daily living.

10. Turmeric

When you make Asian or Indian cuisine, you’ll find yourself reaching for this delicious yellow-hued spice. It is both tasty and healthy, as it contains the antioxidant curcumin.

11. Shark Cartilage

Shark cartilage is exactly what it sounds like! It might surprise you that this is a healing agent capable of chipping away at joint pain.

12. Safflower Seed

Safflower seed is commonly found as an oil and powder. It’s best known for heart and full-body healthy fatty acids that make it a strong anti-inflammatory.

Where can you find a natural supplement that combines all 12 of these ingredients? Our product, Sejong Joint OK Formula, combines each item in one classic formulation. Learn more here.

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