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8 Natural Ingredients to Ease Urinary Tract Symptoms

Are you experiencing frequent urination, burning, cloudy urine, pelvic pain, and a fever? If so, you may be among the millions of women (and men) who experience urinary tract infections (UTIs) annually.

Luckily, thanks to the wisdom of K-Health, there is hope for relief! K-Health is a holistic approach to healthcare based on Traditional Korean Medicine that's been around for thousands of years and aims to bring balance to the body and mind

The Role of the Microbiome in the Urinary Tract

Did you know your body is home to trillions of live, "friendly" microorganisms that outnumber your cells? It sounds scary – but it's a good thing!

Symbiotic bacteria and yeasts – also known as the microbiome – exist primarily in the intestinal tract, on the skin, and in the urinary tract where they support many physiological processes (1). If you struggle with digestive problems or regular UTIs, you may have a microbiome imbalance that's causing pathogenic bacteria to grow out of control.

K-Health Supports the Gut and Urinary Tract

Here are 8 natural ingredients commonly used in K-Health to bring ease and comfort to your gut and urinary tract.

Cranberry Extract - Juicy, tart cranberries are much more than just a tasty snack! Cranberry fruit extract is commonly used in K-Health to ease urinary symptoms. Proanthocyanidins in cranberry extract may stop certain pathogenic bacteria from sticking to the wall of the bladder and causing an infection (2).

Pumpkin Seed Extract - Vibrantly orange and rich in beta-carotene, pumpkin is a delicious winter vegetable – but there's a lot more to pumpkin than meets the eye! Pumpkin seeds are rich in immune-boosting zinc that promotes prostate and urinary tract health (3).

Probiotics - Probiotics refer to the "friendly" bacteria in the microbiome. Supplementing with a high-quality probiotic blend reintroduces healthy bacteria to your body. It may support your gastrointestinal system and urinary tract by optimizing a damaged microbiome. A 2018 review study found that supplementing with certain Lactobacillus probiotics is a promising natural treatment for recurrent UTIs (4).

Pomegranate Extract - Ruby-red pomegranate seeds are full of flavor, and they're packed with immune-boosting vitamin C and potent antioxidants! Among its diverse health benefits, pomegranate extract may bring comfort to your urinary tract and is used for prostate health in natural Eastern medicine.

Vitamin C - If you're dealing with recurring infections, you may be low in vitamin C. Also known as ascorbic acid, vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and may be one of the most well-known immune system nutrients on the planet. However, as a water-soluble vitamin, it needs to be continuously replenished for optimal well-being. Interestingly, research shows vitamin C works synergistically with Lactobacillus probiotics and cranberry extract to successfully soothe UTIs (5).

Vitamin D - Did you know that your skin produces vitamin D in response to sunlight exposure? It's a well known immune system nutrient, and now research suggests vitamin D also plays a role in the health of your microbiome! A 2018 study on men found that higher blood levels of active vitamin D were associated with better overall microbiome health and diversity (6).

Zinc - Zinc is an essential trace mineral with immune-supportive properties, making it an important mineral for those who struggle with regular UTIs. Interestingly, a 2019 study found that women suffering from recurrent UTIs had low zinc levels compared to those who didn't experience these infections (7).

Collagen - Collagen is an abundant structural protein in the body needed to give strength and elasticity to connective tissue. By supporting the health of the intestinal lining, collagen may bring comfort to your gastrointestinal tract. Korean people have known about the benefits of collagen for centuries, as the traditional Korean diet contains collagen-rich broths and fish stocks!

Final Thoughts

If you want to promote a healthy microbiome and ease urinary tract symptoms, Sejong Biotech has you covered!

SJ Urinary Tract Health Forte (Yoro Chung Bogam Forte) contains a synergistic blend of all the ingredients mentioned in this article, including Cranberry Extract and a Probiotic blend with 100,000,000 CFUs. This natural formula brings comfort to the urinary tract, bladder, digestive system, and prostate gland


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