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2 Easy Ways to Tell Whether You’re Getting High-Quality Ginseng

It is challenging to find an ingredient with more appeal and name recognition than ginseng. This plant is native to Asian countries such as Korea and is a key aspect of the health promoting tenets of wildly popular K-Health supplements.

Because you've likely heard of ginseng, you know that it has many health benefits and there are great reasons to take it. But did you know that there are many different varieties of ginseng, as well as different styles of preparation that can affect its properties?

When choosing which ginseng to add to your lifestyle, it's crucial to consider the quality and quantity of ginseng you are purchasing. Here are the important factors you should consider when choosing which ginseng is right for you:

Fresh ginseng roots on a plate

1. What Type of Ginseng Are You Getting?

There are different types of ginseng, and not all of them are true Korean ginseng, which will either be sold as a red or white variety. So when you check what type of ginseng the supplement is made from, you'll want to see that it is sourced from Korea. All ginseng is harvested white but can be processed to become red.

Red ginseng, especially when formulated from a root source that has been cultivated for 6 years prior to fermentation, will have the maximum absorptivity and provide the health benefits you seek. Don't let other formulations fool you by not being clear about the type of ginseng you're getting.

2. How Well is the Ginseng Made?

Not all supplements are made to the same level of quality standards. It's a good idea to verify that a supplement you are considering was made under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) or is certified in some way. GMP ensures that a product is made consistently to the highest standard.

To get the most out of these positive effects, you'll want to choose a supplement like the Korea Hyosamjung Gold (Fermented Red Ginseng), a ginseng supplement composed of natural ingredients made in a GMP facility. This ginseng also happens to be KFDA certified, adding another level of confidence to its quality. KFDA is the Korean version of the FDA, which provides approval over verified supplements.

Selecting your dream ginseng is easy when you know what to look for.

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