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  • Can I take the SJ Pine Forte supplement with other Sejong Biotech products?
    Yes, you can take other supplements with SJ Pine Forte. For example, you can take SJ Fucoidan with SJ Pine Forte.
  • When is the best time to take the SJ Pine Forte supplement? Should I take it before, after, or with a meal?"
    We suggest taking our SJ Pine Forte supplement right after a meal.
  • Why is GMP so important?
    GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) is an international standard to control the quality of the manufacturing facility, production process, and the final product. GMP is the standard for assessing quality and consistency with supplements. Every time a product is made in a GMP facility, it goes through stringent testing and must follow detailed protocols before it makes its way to you.
  • What is KFDA?
    KFDA stands for “Korean Food and Drug Administration,” and is also referred to as the Ministry of Food and Drug. The KFDA has the same function in Korea as the FDA in the United States.
  • Are your supplements FDA-approved?
    All of our products are inspected when they are imported to the United States. Supplements are not required to be approved by the FDA in the United States.
  • Can I take your supplements with medicine I am currently taking?
    Please contact your physician for questions regarding best practices in taking our supplements alongside your medication(s).
  • How long do I need to take a supplement before I experience the effect?
    It depends. Since our products are dietary supplements made with natural ingredients, rather than medications, their effect does not have a definitive timeline. Depending on the product and individual person, it could take 1 week to 3 months or more.
  • What is the most important thing I can do to experience the full effect of these supplements?
    Take the product at the same time every day. Take it consistently without skipping days.
  • How often do I need to purchase the supplements?
    We suggest purchasing and using at least one box of the desired supplement per year.
  • How long have Sejong Biotech products been in the U.S. market?
    Our oldest product, SJ Pine Forte, was introduced to the American market in 2008.
  • What is your return policy?
    Due to COVID-19, all sales are final until further notice.
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